*NEW DATE - Saturday, Nov 16th, 8am-noon*

It's time for the
 Arizona Rare Fruit Growers (AZRFG)
2019 Fall Plant Sale!

(at a NEW date & location *see below*) 

AZRFG 2019 Fall Plant Sale
 and Lehi Montessori BAKE SALE!

*NEW DATE*   Saturday, November 16th, 8am - Noon   *NEW DATE*
Hosted by Lehi Montessori School
2415 North Terrace Circle, Mesa AZ 85203
After a few years hosted by our friends at  Mesa Community College, our plant sale has found a new home in the Mesa-Lehi area in a beautiful field that is part of the Lehi Montessori School. The site is easily accessed near the Gilbert Rd exit off I-202 (Red Mountain Freeway). See Google Maps:  2415 North Terrace Circle, Mesa AZ 85203

This generous opportunity for our new plant sale site has been offered to us by AZRFG member Jennifer Shoemaker, principal of Lehi Montessori and her staff and students. Thank you all!

We had a tough, dry summer around the Valley, and many of our AZRFG member-growers experienced some heartbreaking plant losses, but regardless, we are gathering an interesting list of inventory for this sale so far!!

Stay-tuned for another update on this page (or check the AZRFG Events page on Facebook) for additions to our plant lists later this week leading up to the sale.

Not just plants! Fruit, too!
We are sooooo lucky to have dedicated members who take on the months-long job of caring for, pollinating and harvesting the date palms in their yard so that we can (literally) enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Fresh, delicious dates from the collections of Steve Orcutt and Jim Montgomery will be available for sale.

Are you a "Plant Collector"?  Starter plants $4 - $8!
This is the time to stock up on a fun selection of small starter plants to care for in pots over the winter to have on hand to drop in the ground in early spring.

We have some new varieties to try out, as well as some old favorites -- prices ranging from $4 - $8 each:
  • Papayas: Namba Numba (NEW!), El Cape Giant (NEW!), Big John (NEW!)
  • Figs: GE Neri, LSU Purple
  • Roselle Hibiscus
  • Barbados Cherry
  • Jamaican Cherry ("Strawberry Tree")
  • Bananas: Gros Michel, Truly Tiny ("Super Dwarf Cavnedish"), a NEW cross of Red Zebra x Grain Nain (the ornamental red-striped leaves crossed to produce edible fruit!)
  • Passionfruit: Possum Purple
  • Pomegranates: Parfianka, Sirenevyi (both varieties produce a sweet, soft-seeded fruit)
  • Blackberries: Prime Ark Freedom (thornless)
  • Edible Ginger Root
  • Yellow Tumeric
  • Artichokes - Globe artichoke starts
  • Orange Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) -- Add to your garden to help support the migration pathways of the Monarch Butterfly
  • Okinawan Spinach

More AZRFG-grown plants (potted 1 gal - 15 gal sizes)...and more to be added:
    A small selection of the very tasty Tainung #2  (mostly 1 gal)

    Picual (2.5 gal)   

    Salavatski (2.5 gal)    

    This China Honey-type fig is a club favorite and always delicious. Eat a ripe one, and you can look at the flesh and see why it is referred to as a "honey" fig. Yellow skinned, honey-amber flesh that produces a very large fruit usually two times a year, once established.

     Various sizes and varieties (mostly Nam Wah), potted and bareroot pups of our favorites from members' yards.  

    Limited selection of Pakistan, Oscar, Dwarf Black

    Limited selection of seedlings

    Edgar's Baby, American Beauty, Tricia, Yellow Dragon and various "Paul Thompson/CRFG" selections!

    Rosborough and the Doug Jones 1890s Mesa Blackberry are great performing thorned blackberries. But, we also have thornless varieties to experiment with - Sweetie Pie and Prime Ark Freedom.

  • SOUR ORANGE ROOTSTOCK plants If you are looking for legitimate Sour Orange for your citrus grafting project, grab this one!

  • FIGS
    Violette de Bordeaux (2.5 gal). Letizia (2.5 gal)  

    A limited selection of Royal Poinciana 

  • ...and a limited supply of fragrant, freshly "created" Goat Poop from Milk 'n Feathers!  

Helpful notes about our sale:
  • Opening Time:  The plant sale will not be open for browsing or shopping before the 8:00 AM start time.   We appreciate your enthusiasm to get to the sale early, but ask your understanding that we must enforce the 8:00 start. A scary-looking line forms before we open, and again for the cashier check-out during the first hour or two that we are open -- but it moves very quickly!
  • Cash and Credit/Debit cards welcome (NO minimum)
  • Accessibility: Our sale area is set-up on an open grassy area, mostly flat, but with only a slightly sloped area around the perimeter. We try to space the tables or ground areas with lots of room for mingling, and for folks who bring small, wheeled shopping wagons/carts.
  •  Discounts? Occasionally, some of the growers might offer a discounted price during the last hour of the sale, but this should not be expected. Most growers will load up any remaining plants and continue to grow them out or bring them to a future meeting to sell.
  •  Prices usually range from a few dollars to $30, with larger or more rare items priced higher. 
  • Fun things to do at the sale:

    • Ask the Fruit Guy!
        (Q&A table - ALSO, members will be on hand everywhere to help you out and gab about fruit growing!) 
    • Lots of starter plant options!  Many of our plants in the sale will be in smaller,  ready-to-transplant  pots and  perfect sizes to continue growing out as the weather is warming up to take off during summer!  With some exceptions, the majority of the plants at this year's sale will be in pot sizes from 4" to 5 gallons. 
    • Bake Sale: Stuff your face with fresh baked goods and help support Lehi Montessori!

    Thank you again for your love of growing fruit here in the desert and your interest in our events!

    (Please allow 24 hours for a reply)