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AZRFG November Meeting:
Soil, Water and Plant Material Testing
w/ Sheri McLane, M.Sc
IAS Labs, President and Laboratory Manager

day, Nov
, 7:30pm

Mesa Community College - Navajo Room in the Kirk Student Center
1833 W Southern Ave, Mesa AZ 85202 (campus map attached below)
LOST or need a shuttle
 from the parking lot?
Call MCC Public Safety 480.461.7

The discussion of nutrient requirements or best soil types for the various plants that we love to grow is made more difficult because there is no one solution that fits all. Across the Valley, there‚Äôs a tremendous amount of variability when it comes to soil. 

Some of us live in homes built on areas that had previously hosted acres and acres of citrus groves or other dedicated agricultural use, that also benefited by decades of flood irrigation. Other housing developments may be built in areas of historically undisturbed native soils, high in clay, highly alkaline with even the dreaded layer of caliche. And further, within your own yard, the soil is most likely varies in chemical composition, if not soil texture, from one end to the other.

Sheri McLane, M.Sc, President and Laboratory Manager of IAS Laboratories will be our featured speaker at the November meeting of the Arizona Rare Fruit Growers.

We will learn about the types of testing that IAS recommends that would be most relevant to local fruit growers, and how to gather samples in your yard -- whether it is soil, or your water, or foliage from a problem tree.

In advance of the meeting, we suggest that you check out the IAS website (, under the "Testing Services" tab to review the extensive range of testing that they perform. You may have questions as you explore their menu or services that you can bring to the meeting to discuss!

About Sheri McLane, M.Sc (IAS President & Agronomist):

  •  2001 She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science with an emphasis in Biology with a minor in Environmental Science from University of San Diego (USD)
  •  2001-2004 she worked as a chemist in the environmental field in both Phoenix and Seattle
  •  2004 Sheri joined the team at IAS laboratories as a lab technician
  •  2008 She took ownership of the laboratory and lead a team of chemist
  •  2018 She received her graduate degree in Agronomy from Iowa State University. 

Also at our November meeting:

Plants for sale!!
After the presentation, while we mingle and enjoy refreshments and fruit samplings,  there will also be fresh and homemade goodies for sale. This is a sampling of some of the things that will be available:

Nixon Peace fig tree (1 gal and 5 gal)
This China Honey-type fig makes a delicious large yellow-skinned, amber-fleshed fruit with a very definite honey flavor.

Starter plugs ($3/AZRFG members and $5/non-members, except as noted below)
      • Dwarf Nam Wa banana
      • Raja Puri banana
      • Matoke banana (East African Highland banana) **NEW to try**  ($4/$6)
      • Sherbet Berry(tm) Phalsa  ($4/$6)
      • Brazos thornless blackberry
      • Ouachita thornless blackberry 
      • Sweetie Pie(tm) thornless blackberry   
      • Tricia dragon fruit
      • Edgar's Baby dragon fruit
Thank you again for your love of fruit and your interest in our events!

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