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 Arizona Rare Fruit Growers (AZRFG)

Our May meeting will be...
Growing Healthy and Delicious Citrus

w/ Dr Glenn Wright
Research Scientist, Dept of Plant Sciences, Yuma Agricultural Center

Thursday, May
, 7:30pm

Hosted at:
LDS Church Mesa Glenview Ward (cultural room)

Dr Glenn Wright will lead us in a discussion on tips for successful citrus growing in the Valley of the Sun.

Some highlights of the topics that he will cover are best varieties (based on the Yuma research collections); establishing a new, young tree in our challenging summer heat; the annual care cycle -- feeding and watering; common diseases, pests a care mistakes; best rootstocks for Valley soils -- is Sour Orange still the king?; and propagation issues.

Dr Wright has also been working to establish a scion program as a local source for clean citrus budwood, especially crucial in light of citrus greening disease and preventing the spread of the asian citrus psylid in Arizona. Currently, the CCPP ( Riverside California is the best source for certified, clean budwood for grafting.

Glenn has been a long-time member of the California Rare Fruit Growers (AZ Chapter - AZRFG) and has recently coordinated annual lectures on Citrus Greening for our club, as well as our local citrus industry growers. He works as a Research Specialist and Associate Professor for the University of Arizona. While working at the Yuma Agricultural Center as a fruit tree physiologist and county cooperative extension specialist, he has enlightened both the commercial and backyard growers of Arizona about citrus, date palms, olives, blackberries, and almost every other fruit question thrown at him.

Our June meeting will be...

Fruit We Are Growing, and How-to Propagate More at Home!

Group Discussion led by Doug Jones, AZRFG President

Thursday, June
, 7:30pm

Hosted at:
LDS Church Mesa Glenview Ward (cultural room)

AZRFG President and a founding member of the AZ Chapter, Doug Jones, will lead us in an overview discussion of our favorite standards, as well as the new varieties and types of fruiting plants in our Valley backyards. As we work through the list, we will also share the various propagation methods, and time of year to start for each -- whether using budwood, cuttings, air-layers, or seed -- to most effectively yield the most true-to-form fruit.

This is a member-favorite recurring meeting topic that we visit every couple of years. It will be a discussion format running approximately 2 hours.

Thank you again for your love of growing fruit here in the desert and your interest in our events!

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